Meet the Team

Dentist in Lexington, KY - Katelynn

Katelynn – Registered Dental Hygienist

Katelynn graduated from Shawnee State University’s Dental Hygiene Program in 2020. She’s excited to help others embrace their smiles and takes care of each patient to make sure they are comfortable and at ease! When not in the office Katelynn enjoys traveling, trying new foods and spending time with her family.

Dentist in Lexington, KY - Tonia

Tonia Brown, Patient Concierge

We are fortunate to have Tonia as our Patient Concierge at Commonwealth Smiles. She is a valuable member of our team. With more than 10 years of experience, she studied Healthcare Administration at Brown Mackie College. It is her passion to make sure every patient feels welcome, comfortable, and has a wonderful experience at our office.

“I enjoy helping our patients and give 120% every day,” says Tonia. “It brings me great joy to know that I have just contributed to the transformation of our wonderful patients’ lives. We have a wonderful team at Commonwealth Smiles, and we treat everyone as if they were family.”

She is the proud mother of four beautiful but needy children/adults. She has two boys and two girls: Tre (20), Bo (23), Tatee (24), and Teoni (16). In addition, she has two granddogs, a Yorkie (Creed) and a Shitzu (Rho). Her family has a strong military background, which is why she ended up in Kentucky. Lexington has been her home for a little more than two years. During her free time, she enjoys traveling and cooking delicious new recipes.

Dentist in Lexington, KY - Amelia

Amelia, Sterilization Technician

Amelia Oldfield is a Sterilization Technician and a Sophomore at the University of Kentucky, majoring in Biology with a Pre-Dental focus. She plans to attend dental school upon graduating in 2025, and enjoys learning about all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into owning a dental practice. 

Amelia is passionate about working for Commonwealth Smiles, where the team is willing to help aspiring dentists like her. Patients enjoy interacting with Amelia, as she always does her best to provide a positive and safe environment for them. 

When she is not at work, she enjoys running, reading, and playing card games with her friends and family. Amelia is excited to continue her education in the upcoming years and to pursue her dreams of becoming a dentist.

Dentist in Lexington, KY - Kanaysha

Kanaysha, Sterilization Technician

Kanaysha Pelt is a Sterilization Technician and a student at the University of Kentucky pursuing a pre-dental degree. As an aspiring orthodontist, Kanaysha finds her job to be highly rewarding and educational. She loves interacting with patients and puts them at ease with her kind and friendly demeanor. Kanaysha truly enjoys working at Commonwealth Smiles with Dr. Kress, and even more so since she was a patient before starting there, and Dr. Kress inspired her to pursue a career in dentistry. Watching her expand her business and accomplish other amazing things has further reinforced her desire to become a dentist. 

When Kanaysha is not working, she enjoys riding roller coasters, cooking, baking, and playing video games. She is a dedicated student, and is determined to make her dream of becoming an orthodontist a reality. Kanaysha is passionate and driven, and will no doubt be successful in her chosen field.