Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dentist Lexington

Commonwealth Smiles is the Lexington KY dentist of choice for dental emergencies. There is never a convenient time for dental emergencies. Many dental emergencies are very painful, such as a dental abscess, swelling, or a chipped or broken tooth. Other dental emergencies are not as painful, but could be personally embarrassing due to the appearance of a missing crown or bridge, or broken crown. Regardless of the emergency, and regardless of whether or not you are a patient of record, we are happy to assist you on a same-day basis for your dental emergency. Please contact us by phone so that we can prepare to best assist you.

Dental emergencies should not be ignored. Dental pain is a sign of disease or damage to the tooth or surrounding bone and tissues. “Waiting it out” or “hoping for the best” only make things worse. Sometimes it is possible for tooth pain to come and go, or to become better or worse under different conditions, but without treating the underlying problem the disease will continue to spread which will only make the problem more difficult to treat.

Every dental emergency is different. There is no way to properly or accurately diagnose the problem yourself, nor is it wise to make assumptions on the type of treatment you will require. Some dental emergencies require a simple filling to alleviate, others might require a root canal, while some severe emergencies might require tooth extractions. There is no way to know without a proper exam that includes dental x-rays and examination by a dentist. If you are in Lexington KY with a dental emergency, please call Commonwealth Smiles today.

Dr. Kress says
Dental emergencies such as a dental abscess, toothache, or swelling can be awful experiences. Don’t wait to call. We want to get you feeling comfortable today. We are often available on a walk-in basis for dental emergencies, regardless of if you are a patient of record.