Sports Dentistry and Mouth Guards

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A custom fitted mouthguard, or mouth protector, is the only effective way to protect your teeth, jaw, and mouth during contact sports. Sports mouthguards are growing in popularity and are required by most NCAA and professional sports, including football, basketball, boxing, hockey, or lacrosse. Mouthguards function by cushioning blows to your face and mouth that could cause broken teeth or damage adjacent tissues such as the lips and tongue. Also mouthguards reduce the severity of impacts to the jaw and therefore reduce the likelihood of concussions.

The only way to receive all the benefits from a mouthguard is to have it custom-made to your teeth, which requires making a simple impression of your teeth. There are several types of mouthguards. Some cover just the top teeth, some cover just the bottom teeth, some cover both top and bottom. At a dentist consultation at our Lexington KY dental office, Commonwealth Smiles, we can determine which mouthguard is best for you. The mouthguard will fit snugly, be durable, and be easy to clean with soap and water.

Also, as your sports dentist in Lexington, KY, we will be here for all of your dental emergencies that may come from sports injuries to your mouth and teeth. It is always better to seek an immediate dental consultation after a blow to your teeth, to examine whether or not any damage has been sustained to your teeth and gums. Some sports injuries are not immediately or obviously noticeable, but may require treatment or observation.

Dr. Kress says
If you or your child plays contact sports, a custom-fit mouth-guard is an easy and affordable way to prevent tooth and jaw damage. We can customize your mouth-guard for your team colors or your number