Tooth Colored Filling

Lexington Dentist

For decades, going to your Lexington, KY dentist and getting a filling meant adding an unsightly metal silver, metal, or amalgam filling to your smile. Even in back teeth, metal fillings are still unsightly and noticeable. Metal fillings are known to have a mixture of materials, including mercury. Metal fillings are often excessively large as they require additional tooth structure to be removed for retentive placement. Fortunately, there is no longer a need to have any metal fillings. They are outdated, unsightly, and not a conservative dental treatment.

Tooth colored fillings, or composite fillings, come in all shades to match your natural smile color. The filling is a much more conservative treatment as it does not require excessive destruction of tooth structure. After placement and polishing, even trained dentists often cannot identify tooth-colored fillings from the actual tooth structure! These fillings are a great advancement to dentistry.

Because of the obvious esthetic benefits of composite, or tooth-colored fillings, many of our patients here in Lexington, KY have sought us out to remove and replace their old metal fillings with tooth-colored, composite fillings. This procedure is simple, conservative, and painless, as it does not affect any actual tooth structure.

Composite fillings may also be used for cosmetic dentistry as well, to enhance your smile in areas of aging and wear. Composite bonding is non-destructive and very simple. Composite bonding is excellent for filling gaps between two teeth, lengthening the edges of teeth, or even giving your front teeth enhanced color and natural shape and contour.

Dr. Kress says
Metal fillings stand out when you smile, require excessive destruction of tooth structure, and have also been known to contain small amounts of mercury. I do not use metal fillings. I use composite, tooth colored fillings which look and feel absolutely natural.