Dentist in Lexington, KY

Trios Color Digital Scanner

At Commonwealth Smiles, we utilize the Trios Color Digital Scanner which allows us to get a digital impression of your teeth for better communication and more accurate care. With this unique tool, we are able to learn about and see more of your oral health needs. You’ll also be able to see what the inside of your mouth looks like in full color when we display the picture on one of our screens.

Below are a few pictures of Dr. Kress using the scanner:

Dentist in Lexington, KY - Dr. Kress using the Trios Color Digital Scanner on a patient Dentist in Lexington, KY - Dr. Kress discussing results of a scan



What our patients are saying about the Trios Color Digital Scanner



1. Please describe your experience with the scanner Dr. Kress used on you to get a digitally scanned impression of your teeth. Can you compare it to anything you have done in the past (ex. traditional impressions)?

Steven R. “The process was easy, quick and more comfortable than traditional impressions.”

Gayle S. “It was much better than traditional impressions. It was quick and less uncomfortable.”

2. How long was the process of getting your teeth scanned? Can you describe your comfort level?

Emilee W. “It was instant. I felt nothing, no discomfort.”

Steven R. “I believe it only took 5 minutes or so? I did not experience any discomfort.”

3. How would you say your patient experience has improved upon using this 3D full color scanner?

Steven R. “The scanner provided a quick, easy experience and allowed me to see clearly what my results will be after the clear correct treatment.”

Emilee W. ” It kept me from gagging on impression material and kept me from finding pieces of impression material on my hair, face, or clothes later in the day after the appointment.”

4. Do you believe the results from the scans are more accurate than traditional impressions? If applicable, please explain the ease of (and your overall experience with ) seeing your pictures on the computer post scan.

Steven R. “I am sure that they are more accurate than traditional impressions since it is digital. It was helpful to see before and after pictures to show me how my teeth will move and change after clear correct.”